Under Deck Ceiling, Adjustable Pergola, Aluminum Pergola

Under Deck Ceiling, Adjustable Patio Cover, Aluminum Pergola

Under Deck Ceiling, Adjustable Pergola, Aluminum Pergola

Under Deck Ceiling / GutteringRain-Out has a coated aluminum under deck ceiling.  We also have an adjustable patio cover.  And thirdly we carry an aluminum pergola.  These represent our main product offerings to beautify your outdoor living space.  The under deck ceiling and the adjustable patio cover both create a dry area for comfort, as well. The panels are designed to capture and route rain water that falls between the decking boards above.

Rain-Out Under Deck Ceiling / GutteringRain-Out under deck ceiling panels route rain water off of your deck.  This helps you to have a dry space below.  It also keeps the area below the deck cleaner. Finally, it covers the unsightly framing with a beautiful ceiling!  Rain-Out under deck ceiling panels work great and last for a long, long time!





Solara Adjustable Patio Covers

Open Pergola

The Beauty of having a fully adjustable pergola is that you decide if you want sun or shade.  You can also pick any amount of sunlight you wish to enter the area.  With several colors to choose from, we appeal to many tastes.  Please feel free to view our adjustable pergola page for more pictures and information.  There you will also see how others are enjoying the adjustable louvered patio cover on their home.  A Solara adjustable pergola is beautiful and functional.

Solara Adjustable Patio Cover - Partially Open Pergola

Partially Open Pergola

The adjustable pergola is now in the partially open pergola position.  You can create as much brightness as you desire with the simple push of a button.

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers

Closed Pergola

The adjustable pergola is now in the closed position.  This will put you in the cool shade in seconds.  This position will also keep you dry when it rains by routing the Rain-Out.

Rain-Out Aluminum PergolaRain-Out offers an Aluminum Pergola in different colors.  We also have multiple heights and posts sizes.  We have fluted and non-fluted posts that come in either round or square shapes.  Our powder-coated aluminum products will never rust and the finish lasts and lasts for many, many years to come.  This is a one time improvement that is maintenance free!


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